Getting started - it's FREE
Yep, try it before you decide to spend any money. Simply click the "Get Started" tab, choose a name, a design and how many pages you want and Bammo, you have a web site!

You don't need a credit card to sign up and there are no contracts. OpenBox free trials will last for a month. That should give you plenty of time to try it out and see how easy OpenBox is to create professional & cool looking websites.

OpenBox paid subscriptions - only $39.95 + GST per month.
When you are happy with your website, you can become a paid subscriber. A subscription enables you to use your own Domain, plus you get access to our online support and your site will get upgrades as we add new features and cool stuff to OpenBox.

- with a month's free subscription.

You don't need a credit card and there is no obligation to continue.

Custom design Services
OpenBox allows you to choose from over 250 cool templates that suit all business types. However, if you need something really special and unique, our designers can create complete custom designs, while still using the OpenBox system.

You can check out some of our custom designs in the "Recent Sites" section.

If you are interested in our Custom Design service, External link opens in new tab or windowemail us and we'll be in touch.

Note: Prices are GST exclusive.

OpenBox features:

We are adding new features all the time and as a subscriber you get access to them as soon as they are launched.

You can add other 3rd party plug-ins easily. For example: YouTube videos, PayPal selling buttons, Flickr, FaceBook stuff, Flash, Google Maps, banner ads - you name it!

Here's what comes out of the box:

    Easy to use content management system

    Choose a design from over 250 templates - then customise it!

    Unlimited number of pages

    Image galleries & slide shows

    Blogs & Forums

    Contact us and other forms

    Email database

    Members areas

    Use your own domain e.g.

    Email & Chat technical support

    Storage 1,000 MB

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Peak throughput 2,000 visitors per hour