Responsive OpenBox templates.


Mobile internet traffic has caught up on desktop usage and is soon going to surpass it. This news has quickly turned responsive web design (RWD) from a hot topic among early adopters into an industry standard. The reason?  RWD eliminates the need for maintaining separate mobile, tablet, and desktop website versions: the site adapts to whatever size screen it's being displayed on.

All modern Openbox designs are now responsive. Read our blog post to learn how to enable this functionality and benefit from the new design technology.

For the list of responsive templates and more information, click here

Create a website for your business in minutes.

OpenBox is a website builder that allows anyone to easily create a professional business website. We have over 250 different designs to choose from and you can also customise any design you like to suit your business. You can even change your design at any time without loosing any of your content.

OpenBox is a powerful website editing system, but it's really easy to use.

There are no set up fees or design costs, just a monthly subscription. There are no contracts, so you can cancel at any time.

- with a month's free subscription.

You don't need a credit card and there is no obligation to continue.

If you like your OpenBox website, you can upgrade your free account and become a paid subscriber. When you do this, you can use your own web address and you get access to our 24/7 online technical support. You also get all the updates and new features. This means you never have to worry about your website crashing or not working properly - it's all taken care by our technical team.

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OpenBox features

Intuitive Editing Interface

OpenBox makes it super-easy to edit your site content. Just rollover and click to edit.

Image Galleries

Creating a stunning gallery with a variety of visualisation options and cool animations is a breeze.

Online Forms

OpenBox's form editor lets you create feedback, subscription, and other web forms with few clicks.

Email Marketing Tools

Collect email addesses directly from your site and send out targeted email campaigns with ease.

Fully Customisable Designs

OpenBox designs are in a league of their own. Sophisticated, yet flexible to match your brand.

Simple Online Shops

Add e-commerce capability to your site. Insert "Buy Now" buttons to collect credit card payments via Paypal.

Search Engine Optimisation

All sites built with OpenBox are search engine-friendly out of the box.

Community Building Tools

Build community to engage with customers using the integrated blog, discussion forum, and member areas.

Mobile Website Version

Create mobile-friendly sites for viewing on smaller screens.

Integrated Facebook Pages

Use the same authoring tools to create Facebook page tabs that are visually consistent with your website. Publish to Facebook with a single click.